Matta Napkin

I like to draw and eat.

Guest Napkins: Shaun Parker

Shaun is a struggling actor (mainly because he’s so overweight, you should see him put on socks… seriously, he totally has to hold his breath just to bend over) living in Los Angeles for the last 7 years.  He hails from hearty (i.e.- heart attacks) Wisconsin where he desperately misses fried cheese called “Cheese Curds”. His greatest achievement, he has no connection to, is having his full name mentioned 7 times in the 2010 movie “The Social Network”. 

His crappy reels can be found at: and his twitter handle is @shaunparker.

Matta Napkin #831

“I still don’t know why I told my barber to give me… the figure skater.”

Matta Napkin #830
Seriously, call your family this weekend.
Matta Napkin #829

“It’s a blessing/curse to have my mother’s eyes and my grandfather’s ball sack.”

Call your family this weekend!
Matta Napkin #828
Matta Napkin #827
Matta Napkin #826
Guest Napkin Kate Danley
Kate is a USA TODAY Bestselling author and a twenty-five year veteran of stage and screen. Head on over to her site and get ready to be impressed:
Matta Napkin #825

“Frozen corpses and frozen telephone poles are pretty much the same deal… keep your lips off them.”

Matta Napkin #824


With all the book stores closing I really miss all my creepy friends in the self-help section.